We are humans in harmony

welcome home!

A Holistic Wellness and Music festival

October 21st, 2022 – October 24th, 2022

Humans in Harmony - Join the Movement


Connection to the spirit that energizes our life and the love that unites us all.
Humans in Harmony - Join the Movement


Celebration and support to enjoy the highs and lows of the human experience.
Humans in Harmony - Join the Movement


Contribution to our communities because we all have a purpose here.

It’s been more than 2 years of lockdowns, let downs and downright lies.

Who else is sick of the deception and division coming from people in positions of power pretending to be “good guys⁣?”

They’re creeping into total control using “safety” as a disguise. ⁣

These so-called leaders are profiting off the problems they create. ⁣

Their #1 mission is to spread fear and hate.

But we have hope for humanity and know it’s not too late.


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We Are Humans In Harmony

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The Experience


Included in this Retreat & Music Festival

  • Movement & Yoga
  • Breathwork & Meditation 
  • Creative Expression 
  • Authentic Connections
  • Permaculture & Gardening
  • Daily Brunch & Dinner 
  • Hiking and Nature
  • Live Electronic Music & Ecstatic Dance each night
We are bringing you the community based resources for health, healing and heart-centered living in a way that ensures you bring Harmony back to your home.

We are Humans In Harmony

Founding Members

Jesse Simpson

Jesse Simpson


Jesse is a former US Marine and firefighter turned leadership coach and entrepreneur with a vision of a world where we Humans live in Harmony. He believes every single one of us came here with a divinely guided and definite purpose. Humans in Harmony is his. He provides the safety, support and direction for this movement to thrive. Welcome home!

Kelley Mace

Kelley Mace


Kelley Mace is a father of 2 amazing children, a Former Reconnaissance Marine & Arizona State Alum. Currently, Kelley’s an entrepreneur to two businesses and a non-profit, while lovingly contributing to a growing community of conscious humans in the Phoenix, AZ area.
Kelley’s also none of these things.
He’s just another Human, living in Harmony; and what drives him is his desire to have others experience the harmony and love he does. Humans In Harmony is that Vehicle. We’re elated you’re here.

Grant Nieddu

Grant Nieddu


Grant’s passion in life is to ignite lives of explosive significance. He knows that the only way to significance is partnering with humans. Humans in Harmony achieves just that.

Join The Movement

Peace, Love and Harmony is our natural state.

We’ve uncovered what is possible when we work together and are building a better way.

We are welcoming in this new world no matter what the politicians say.

A world where we Humans live in Harmony.⁣

In Harmony with ourself, each other and the world around us. ⁣

We are awakening and starting to remember from where we came.

It’s clear the old systems will crumble and life will never be the same.

We are responsible for how they will be replaced.

We are building a network of systems, structures and support so our spirit can never again be encased.

This is a movement. We are a family, creating a safe space.


So, Welcome Home!

After so long of being led astray, we are here to help you reconnect so you can reengage.

Join us as we celebrate!

We’re welcoming you to a weekend of movement, music and magic- a holistic wellness and music festival under the stars of Northern Arizona to reconnect you with your people, your power, your purpose.

Our festivals serve as a bridge, bringing you the community based tools and resources you need for health, healing and heart-centered living.

We’re highlighting the best in humanity and calling forward the Collective to lay the GROUNDWORK for Humans in Harmony.

A world where we live in Harmony with ourself, each other and all that surrounds us.

We’ve got everything we need right now to transform our lives.

All we need now is YOU!

The Humans in Harmony – holistic wellness and music festival – is going LIVE August 2022.